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Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things I Am not Proud Of

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I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately to help me get inspired to write more frequently. One of the games bloggers like to play is something called the “Thursday Thirteen” where a blogger will list thirteen things related to a topic. I decided to write about things I am not proud of. I have had people in my life comment on the fact that I seem to have it together and they are impressed by my self-discipline. They are fooled since they see such a small part of my life. There is actually much more bedlam in my life than there is order. Now, I want to set the record straight with these 13 things.

1. Did you see my wordless Wednesday post? I posted this picture.Wordless Wednesday These are all the socks I folded yesterday. I hate folding socks! I hate it so much that I am guilty of buying more packages of socks just so I don’t have to match socks. We often wear socks that don’t match. As long as they are the same color, I’m happy.  My mother seems to enjoy the challenge of matching our family’s socks and will always ask where the “sock basket” is when she is in town. My parents recently visited for the holidays. It had been several months since their last visit. This time I  had two laundry baskets full of socks that didn’t match waiting for my mom instead of the usual single basket. She ended up finding over 100 pairs of socks. That’s sad, isn’t it?

2. I am not a spontaneous person. I hardly ever do anything unless it is planned in advance. I don’t like surprises and this drives my family crazy.

3. Large groups of people drain me physically and emotionally. A large group for me is more than four at a time. Sometimes four is pushing it. I am extremely introverted and large social events stress me out.

4.We recently found a mouse in our toilet. I got up in the morning to use the restroom and there he was staring at me with his beady eyes. I may post a picture of it at some point, but I’m not ready to look at the critter yet because I am still traumatized.  My husband wasn’t at home and I had to take care of the situation. I was humane about it. I caught the little guy and put him outside. And, I was not calm about it. I screamed and this sudden emotional explosion at an early hour frightened my kids.  I couldn’t maintain a calm composure in front of my kids. I still don’t know how that mouse got there. Maybe he was hiding in our pile of socks.

5. I am not always patient when helping my kids with their homework. 

6. I take things literally. I once drove down a road and saw a sign that said “Slow Bump.” I wondered what a slow bump was. I soon found out that the sign meant to drive slowly because there is a bump. Luckily, my car remained intact.

7. I once angrily ripped a bumper sticker off my car because I couldn’t believe someone would put a sticker on a car they didn’t own. Then I figured out that it wasn’t my car. Whoops!

8. I have three college degrees and I don’t use any of them.

9. I procrastinate on anything related to paperwork. If there is a form to fill out for the girls’ school, I will wait until the very last day to turn it in. If my taxes are due, I will file an extension and file them on the last day of the extension.

10. We have a basement full of stuff that I need to get rid of. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to declutter the junk in the basement, but I seriously need to get this done.

11. I am a terrible sleeper. I wake up almost every night at 3:00 in the morning and I will sometimes pass the time browsing the internet.

12. Large groups of children almost give me a panic attack. I could never be a teacher in a typical classroom which is why I chose to be a speech pathologist. It all comes back to the fact that I like small groups. See #3 above.

13. I will sometimes drink four big cups of coffee in one day. That is too much coffee. I am trying to switch to tea, but I don’t like it as much. This coffee addiction is probably related to #11.

So, there you have it…a small list of things I am not proud of. As I write this, I am thinking of many more things I could list. I absolutely do not have my life together, but I will keep trying. I normally choose to focus on the positive, but it feels good telling it like it really is.

What about you? If you wrote a list, would it look similar to mine? 


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