Welcome to the Learned Mom! I’m so happy to have you here at my online home. I’m looking forward to growing a relationship with you as I share my struggles, successes, and experiences of being a 40-something stay at home working parent.

Sometimes I will share funny stories with you, especially about my goof-ups in life. And, sometimes I will share tips and information about my areas of expertise. As a passionate life-long learner, I will most often tell you about what I am currently delving into. I am a woman who lacks one single focus in my life and am curious about so many topics. I am more of “learning mom” than a “learned mom.”

If you can relate to being a 40-something mom who still doesn’t know what they want out of life, who struggles daily to keep it all together, who occasionally has it figured out, and who loves to learn and constantly seeks new information, we will get along great!

Here are some of the top posts my readers love and I hope you will as well!