Who I Am

Hi! I’m Shani, a mother of two daughters and wife to a wonderful husband. I have one brother and am the daughter of two fantastic parents who brought me up in a loving, cultural, and educational environment. I grew up in a family who constantly dabbled in a variety of experiences. A huge part of my life and our big family activity included theater performance. And, to this day, being on stage is still a big part of our lives.

I named this blog the “Learned Mom” because education is a driving force in my life. I am interested in so many things and love learning about a myriad of topics. I am also striving to be the best person I can be in many areas of my life. My educational background includes Speech Language Pathology, Library and Information Science,  Financial Planning, and Functional Medicine Health Coaching. I currently am blessed with the option to mainly be a stay-at-home mom while pursuing my acting and singing interests.

If you want to know more about me, you can also read this post about thirteen things I am not proud of. You can also find me at www.shaniferry.com and www.myfunctionalcoach.com to learn more about my performing interests and my soon-to-be coaching business.

Who This Site is For

This site is for the moms out there who don’t have their act together or the ones who do have their act together and can teach the rest of us how to successfully cope with all that life throws at us. This is for those who share the same value of wanting to live a more intentional life. This is for the those who have an abundance of interests and don’t know how to manage all of them. This is for the other moms who are trying to successfully navigate motherhood without losing their mind.

What I Love and What I Write About

  • My family:  I love spending time with my family and want to focus on spending more quality time with them.
  • A Clean House: I love the idea of having a clean house, but I am nowhere near having this. I want to improve this area of my life in a major way.
  • Cooking: I love cooking healthy and frugal meals although it is hard to find the time to do this. I have just jumped into the world of freezer cooking.
  • Reading: I am trying to read at least one book per month. I am also trying to get my kids to read more. In this day and age of smartphones, technology seems to have taken precedence over reading a good book.
  • Crocheting and other crafts
  • Personal finance: I enjoy seeing where we can cut back on our spending and look for creative ways to do that.
  • Performing: While I love to do this, I probably will not make this a focus of this blog.
  • Fashion and Beauty: It seems that when I hit 40, I suddenly felt frumpy.  Recently, I started following mom fashion bloggers to help pull me out of this frumpy mommy mess.
  • Health and Fitness: As a performer, it is important for me to maintain a certain physique and to be healthy. I am not always the best at following through with my health and fitness goals, but I plan on trying harder in the coming months. Also, I will be finished with my ceritification in Functional Medicine Health Coaching in September. At that point, I wills start my business.
  • Education:  I homeschooled my oldest daughter until she was in 4th grade and my youngest until 2nd grade. I am still in love with the idea of homeschooling and general education.
  • Products I Love: As I come across new products that I love, I like to share them with other people.

Some of My Most Popular Posts

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I hope to connect and engage with other moms who have similar interests to mine. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that you share your experiences with me.


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